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Fotografii si filmari nautice / Pulsul Urban - 2014
« : Februarie 12, 2015, 06:18:24 a.m. »
Un alt fel de vacanta, mai putin obisnuit, pentru Doi Nomazi... :)

“Urban Pulse – 2014” is a 79 minute long video diary that brings you the winter vignettes from a relaxing trip to Key West, Florida.

After paddling the spectacular Everglades National Park five winters in a row and while we’ll never give up paddling and sailing our folding tandem kayak, aka the mighty U-Boat, we thought of indulging in the comfort of an outboard motor…

Hop along on a lazy trip and enjoy the various flavors of action, from motor boating in our new inflatable KaBoat, to snorkeling and sky diving. Ride a scooter and stroll with us on Duval Street and through the mysterious passages of Fort Jefferson on the Dry Tortugas.

OK, we spared you our bad singing this time. Well, kind of… :)

Caiac - Canoe - Canotaj / Bluie East Two - 2014
« : Noiembrie 12, 2014, 03:51:53 p.m. »

"Bluie East Two - 2014" is a 151 minute long video diary filmed on our paddling journey on the magical east coast of Greenland.

Although you will continue to relax in the comfort of your favorite couch, this rather long video diary will bring you to each and every step of the endeavor, from the planning stage, to the post-scriptum. You'll be able to share the pain and the joy of the two nomads, their silly bad acting and the victories of solid team work.

This video diary is also a humble tribute to the Esprit de Corps, team work and, above all, to all the men and women in uniform.

Are you ready? Welcome aboard the "U-Boat", a Long Haul Mark II Commando tandem kayak!

Please, sing along, because the two nomads sure need a lot of help singing... :)

(completed and published on Veterans Day 2014)

Caiac - Canoe - Canotaj / Vacanta de iarna...
« : Februarie 08, 2014, 03:15:41 p.m. »

Fotografii si filmari nautice / Ahipeleagul Gwaii Haanas - August 2013
« : Octombrie 19, 2013, 09:12:12 p.m. »

Nativii natiunii Haida denumesc luna August luna balenei ucigase (Sgaana Gyaas).

Parcul Gwaii Haanas (Islands of Beauty) este situat la 80 de mile nautice vest de coasta Canadei, in apele reci ale Pacificului.

Seaward G3 Passat este un kayak tandem de tura pe care nu l-am atins niciodata pana in momentul cand i-am facut un inventar sumar si l-am urcat pe suportul Zodiacului ce avea sa ne poarte vreo 90 de mile nautice pana la punctul de debarcare de unde am inceput tura...

Acest videojurnal de calatorie este povestea acestei ture. Nu are nimic spectaculos sau extraordinar, nu consemneaza doborarea vreunui record, nu este nimic altceva decat o poveste de dragoste pentru partenerul de viata si pentru natura.

Daca chiar nu aveti nimic mai bun de facut pentru aproape doua ore, va invitam la bordul kayak-ului nostru.

Doi Nomazi

Caiac - Canoe - Canotaj / The Southern Breeze - 2012
« : Ianuarie 11, 2013, 02:40:50 a.m. »

Welcome aboard our Long Haul Mark II Commando folding kayak aka the U-­‐boat!

"The Southern Breeze – 2012” will take you along the 56 minute long video diary where you’ll participate in almost every detail of our trip in the Everglades National Park, starting in the Times Square traffic in NYC and ending back on the shore at the Gulf Coast Visitor Center in Everglades City, Florida.

All maps courtesy of Google Earth.


This is the story of the first Long Haul Mark II Commando folding kayak that went to Europe for a 12 day journey in the Danube Delta and on the Black Sea. The 149 nautical miles adventure takes the Two Nomads from Murighiol in the Danube Delta to the ancient port of Tomis on the Black Sea. Echoing thoughts of the Roman poet Ovid, who was exiled to the ancient port of Tomis, this 76 minute video diary takes you on a ride aboard their kayak... Enjoy!

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